We’re part of the Green Explorers Club!

We were invited to be a part of the Green Explorers Club, and we had to say yes! They provide parents and caregivers with these cool project boxes that help us teach tools of sustainability through hands on activities. They have a wide variety of boxes, including their new Solar Oven box! Their core values are education, participation, awareness, and responsibility.

Green Explorers Club is owned by two Chicago moms! They wanted to help parents and caregivers prepare kids to care for our planet. They think children should grow up exploring and learning about nature and protecting Earth. Their professional background is politics, and they teamed up to create this club!

Robbie, my son, was so excited when the mail arrived, and his green box came out. We got the Compost in a Bottle project box. Each of their boxes comes with the materials you’ll need, detailed instructions, bonus gifts, and even a book!

This particular project box has instructions on what to do before you can start the project itself. We went over the materials, and read the book TWICE! The book included for this project is called Compost Stew, by Mary McKenna Siddals.
So, we were done with the box, and got our hands on gathering nature bits for the compost! We went out on a scavenger hunt for dry leaves and grass, and other nature bits that we thought they’d be good for the compost.I really appreciate how the projects actually take more than one day.
We also started saving some waste from our kitchen. Robbie loved talking about making compost stew! (caldo de composta, in Spanish).

Hands on Composting!

We gathered again everything we need to start putting together the compost. Instructions included in these kits are super detailed, and they don’t leave anything out. Here’s a collection of photos of the day we put the compost together!

Now, every day, Robbie reminds me about shaking the bottle! We got a card with care instructions pinned on our door.

I love how their projects don’t end in a day, and how involved children get with them. Green Explorer project boxes are perfect to keep children entertained, to give away as a gift, and also, to teach our children the importance of taking care of our planet. Green Explorers Club Projects were built to help families who want to take a step back from the digital world for a few hours, and explore what it means to be sustainable. Their projects will create a growing curiosity of the environment as our children grow into future engineers, artists, doctors, farmers, clothing designers, presidents, astronauts, or whatever they want to be! The basic tools of sustainability are SO important, and every human being needs to incorporate them into their initiatives!

Check them out! Use code MICHELLE to get 10% OFF your box purchase. All of their options are pretty neat! They’re great for those doing virtual or at home learning this fall!

 Michelle | con limón, please.

6 thoughts on “We’re part of the Green Explorers Club!

  1. I can tell he had such a great time doing this with you. We tried another box subscription that was similar to this one but, I like that this one includes a book on the subject. Very nice tool to aid in our children’s development especially while they’re at home this summer!


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