My top 5 favorite easy apple recipes that say autumn!

Wether you have Honeycrisp, Gala, or Granny Smith apples, or whatever else you found at the store, I’m sure you can put together one of these recipes. When it’s cold outside, specially in Chicago, my baking side wakes up and I just want to bake and bake. I’m not sure if this year we’ll go apple picking, but it’s a given that I will go pick up some apples at my local supermarket! Today I’m sharing with you my favorite apple recipes.

Nowadays you can get so many kinds of apples. I believe it’s the fruit with the most variations. Last time I checked there were 65 varieties of apples! It doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as it’s a variety you like. I love using Granny Smith apples, Gala, & Fiji apples when baking or just for snacking!

Here’s my top 5 easy recipes that are a must during autumn in our home:

Apple “donuts”

These “donuts” only need three ingredients!

Apple chocolate chip “cookies”

The perfect after school snack! I love the crunch and taste of the pecans on this recipe.

An all year round favorite: French Toast Roll-ups

The yumminess of cinnamon, apples, & french toast combined! A favorite in our home! You can sip these rolls in apple butter, maple syrup, or even condensed milk.

A perfect Halloween snack!

Spooky and yummy! Perfect for the season.

Apple cobbler

Don’t get intimidated by its name. This recipe is one of the easiest baking recipes I know! Click the photo for recipe.

Apple pie from scratch!

I know I said this was a collection of easy recipes, but you can definitely skip the from scratch part of this recipe. Also, I know I said 5, but man, it’s apple pie! Making the crust is a fun process, although it’s true it’s tiring. Nonetheless, it gives you so much satisfaction when you taste it!

Apples are one of my favorite fruits and I like to eat them all year round! I hope you try one of these recipes!

Michelle | con limón, please





Check out what my blogger friends have to share! I definitely want to give these a try! Yum!

Apple Recipes by Stephanie

Spooky “Poison” Apple Nachos by Alex

Fall Recipe | Hot Spiced Apple Cider by Cameron

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