Fintastic Birthday Party at Goldfish Swim School

Robbie turned 6 years old! We wanted to celebrate with his friends at an indoor spot this year. We couldn’t have found a better venue for his party. It was a blast!

Goldfish Swim Schools are the perfect spot to experience a tropical environment. Their locations are colorful, spacious, and welcoming. Their swimming pool area is heated to 90° and their shiver-free pool is the perfect spot to swim with friends.

We had his party at Goldfish Swim School in Evanston, IL. We chose the smallest party package since it was perfect for us. You get to have 1 to 24 little ones as guests. Adults don’t count against the attendee number, which is amazing! You don’t have to worry about how many parents will join. Grandma and grandpa can enjoy the fun, too!

Robbie was so excited to know we’d do an ocean theme for his party. He really wanted to focus on manatees, but it’s really hard to find anything manatee. We had so much fun gathering the few things we needed to bring for decor. Robbie was so excited to work on choosing the names for all the snacks we had for our guests.

What’s included?

When you book a birthday party at Goldfish Swim School you get:

– Two hours of private access
– Certified lifeguards & party coordinator
– Invitations and envelopes
– Table coverings, plates, cups, napkins, and forks
– Balloons, tropical decorations, and centerpieces
– Cupcakes & beverages for children
– Goodie bags
– T-shirt for the guest of honor

We booked the venue 6 weeks before the party. It was so easy! If you’re a Goldfish member you can do it through the Goldfish app, or the member portal on their website. Goldfish Evanston offers two different party times, either from 2-4pm or 4:30-6:30 on Saturdays. Check with your local Goldfish on what times they offer their birthday parties as times and days vary by location.

The allotted time for the party was perfect! Once you’re signed in with the front desk, you and your little ones will have a brief water safety demonstration, and you proceed to spend the first hour in the pool. There’s comfy changing rooms and showers for your guests. Shampoo is available, as well as hair dryers. When everyone moves to dry land, everyone gathers and shares food. We opted for an additional coffee package for a small fee. It was a hit with the adults!

One of our guests is getting a certified life vest after having received safety procedure from certified lifeguard

I loved having all the help from Goldfish staff. It’s definitely a plus to arrive at a birthday venue where everything is already beautiful! The staff work on setting up the tables, plates, and décor! The staff served our guests pizza, and the cupcakes. Also, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up! As a parent this is definitely a win! Not having to worry about setting up and cleaning up is awesome!

One of our guests, Ben, receives a cupcake from Goldfish Staff

This is the first birthday party I host that I’m actually the most relaxed! All the help we received from the staff was awesome! 

I definitely recommend hosting birthday parties at Goldfish Swim School. You get a lot of value, there’s parking for your guests, and all your guests will get a free family swim pass in the goodie bags! Some of our guests booked free trials after the party was over! Having a birthday party at Goldfish Swim School is not just about fun, but it’s also about learning water safety with friends!

If you’re not ready to book a party yet, start with a FREE trial at any Goldfish Swim School. Click here for Chicago locations!

Thank you Goldfish Swim School for sponsoring this post!

♡ Michelle | con limón, please

One thought on “Fintastic Birthday Party at Goldfish Swim School

  1. Wow, what a fantastic place to hold a birthday party for your son! Everything looked so cute, and I can only imagine what a great time the kids had. Your point about how everything is done for you was so on target. I’m sure your boy and his pals had a fantastic time!


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