Mexican Fiesta | Piñata inspired party favor bags

Robbie’s third birthday was this month, and we decided to try a Mexican Fiesta theme this year! I got some cool little sombreros, a huge cactus balloon, and a taco balloon; a cute Mexican garland, and colorful paper flowers. When it was time to create the baggies for guests, I thought about classic Mexican piñatas, and decided to give these bags a try!

You’ll need:
♡ Paper bags (I used 5.25×2.75×8.5″ bags)
♡ Crepe paper
(if you need to cut the paper, make sure it’s cut into 2″ strips)
♡ Glue stick
♡ Scissors

I bought paper bags and crepe paper of different colors from the Dollar Tree store.

The crepe paper I bought was already cut in 2″ streams. For cutting the fringe, I took a strand, folded it, and then cut 3/4 of the way up into a wide fringe.

I proceeded to paste the strands overlapping them, one by one on the bags. I did not really follow a color pattern. I just made sure to put two of each color before switching color of the strips to make them pop more.

I cut any leftover paper from the side after I was done, so that the bags looked more even on the edges. Children won’t care if the paper doesn’t look perfect on their little piñata bags. No one would!

The day of the Fiesta!

I loved working on these bags for my son’s birthday party. I got tons of compliments, too!

I hope you make them! Let me know what you think!

Michelle | con limón, please.

Mi nana. Mi mamá Chalita.

El día de ayer pasó algo que temía que pasara desde que estoy en Estados Unidos sin poder regresar a México.

Tuve mi cita prenatal con mi ginecóloga, y al estar en la sala de espera abrí mi Facebook y vi la terrible noticia. Mi abuela Chalita, mi nana, mi mamá Chalita falleció. Mi corazón se partió en dos ese momento. Sentía que todo se paró por un minuto, y al decirle a mi esposo, quien estaba a mi lado, sentí como su abrazo me hacía pequeña. Su abrazo me reconfortó, pero yo me sentí pequeña, me sentí indefensa, triste, con el corazón roto por haber perdido a mi nana. Impotente de no poder hacer nada. De no poder dejar este país para ir a darle un abrazo a mi tata, a mi papá Manuel; de no poder ir a darle un abrazo tan fuerte y decirle que lo amo. 

Al principio me sentí mal de haber recibido la noticia así, por Facebook. Qué se espera en estos tiempos. Aunque ahora creo que fue la mejor manera de haberla recibido, ya que tal vez si hubiera estado aquí en mi casa me hubiera caído más peso encima. Tuve mi cita con mi ginecóloga, el bebé bien, gracias a Dios, con su corazón a 150bpm. Sentía que el mío también latía igual de rápido. En ese momento sólo éramos yo y mi bebé en mi vientre. Gracias al Coronavirus mi Robert y mi Robbie tuvieron que esperar afuera de la clínica.

Todo el día estuve recordando a mi mamá Chalita. Estuve recordando momentos que tuve solo con ella cuando era niña; caminando en el centro, siempre sintiéndome que corría cuando caminaba a su lado. Mi nana siempre caminaba súper rápido. Aunque ya después sus pasos se fueron cansando. Los años no pasan en vano, pero la vida tampoco, y nos deja con tantos recuerdos y lindas memorias. 

Rafaela Ruiz, una mujer tenaz, un gran ejemplo de lo que no es ser mujer sumisa, de lo que es ser una mujer fuerte, luchadora, con tanta entereza, con un gran sazón en la cocina. La que hacía los mejores frijolitos y tortillas grandes, los mejores frijoles de fiesta, la mejor barbacoa. La que en sueños me ha preparado gorditas, tortillas grandes, frijoles, sopas. La que en vida en estos últimos años hacía que me quebrara cada vez que le llamaba. Por eso no lo hacía tan seguido. Siempre que le llamaba la hacía llorar, y me sentía mal, y me quedaba llorando después de la llamada por un rato.

Aún recuerdo como si fuera ayer los días que pasamos en el terreno. Cómo barría la tierra después de echarle agua, y hacía que la tierra pareciera piso de cemento. Cómo cenábamos juntos al atardecer con mi papá Manuel, mi mamá, mi papá, y quien más que se nos uniera en esas tardes. Recuerdo cómo le gustaban los mastuerzos, cómo le gustaban las galletas glaseadas rosas y amarillas que no puedo recordar cómo se llaman, el café negro, la soda de fresa.
Recuerdo con mucho cariño cómo siempre estuvo ahí casi todos los días que mi hermano Alejandro estuvo en el hospital. Con su paso ya cansado iba a visitarlo. Subiendo por la misma rampa a las 4 de la tarde para estar con nosotros. Le llevaba calditos, le llevaba consomé. Le llevaba sus fuerzas, y a nosotros también. Después con mi papá, siempre pendiente, siempre ahí, siempre rezando por los tuyos.

Qué daría para haber tenido la oportunidad de ir a su casa una vez más en una tarde nublada a tomar café, que conociera a su bisnieto Robbie, que nos sentáramos en las mecedoras afuera a ver los carros pasar, ver los árboles moverse, y saludar a los vecinos que pasaran por la calle. Para decirle una vez más en persona que la amaba, que la extraño. Para darle las gracias por todo.

Nos vemos luego, nana. Que Dios te reciba con sus brazos abiertos. Que vivas en la Gloria con tu hijo, y con tu nieto.
Te amo,

Michelle, tu nieta.

DEP Rafaela Ruiz 

24 OCTUBRE 1934 – 18 MARZO 2020

Book and Bear

We received a Book and Bear box last month, and the polar bear that came with it is now one of Robbie’s favorite plush toys.
Robbie knew that the bright blue box that arrived in the mail was for him as soon as he saw it.

We opened it together, and we first found adoption papers for the bear. By then we didn’t know what kind of bear he was getting. Book and Bear provides a box with a seasonal book, and a plush animal that goes with it. Book and Bear is a subscription box and an online community for parents and their children 3 to 8 years old.

We removed the paper, and found the cutest polar bear! Robbie was super excited to know we were going to stuff it, and that he was going to add the special purple heart with the legend Best Friend inside it.
There was a little craft included in the pack. Each box comes with the plush animal, a book, and an activity for the children and their parents. We worked first on the little craft, which was a little polar bear.

We had so much fun when we started stuffing the bear. Robbie made sure I stuffed the arms and legs right, and then he helped out with the rest of the stuffing, and put the special heart of his new best friend inside. These boxes are not approved for children under 3 years old.
The book included in this box is Hush Little Polar Bear by Jeff Mack. This book is perfect to be paired with a plush polar bear.

The bear has a zip tie on its back, and a velcro opening.

The lovely book and bear included in the box have become some of Robbie’s favorites. He spends time with the polar bear, and sleeps with it every night. I even caught him saying “te amo” to it! The sweetest thing! I think building the bear has helped Robbie’s connection with the bear.
We were thrilled to have collaborated with Book and Bear, and to have received this free box.
You can subscribe and choose the plan that most accommodates to your needs. If what you’re looking for is not a subscription, you can go to their store to get just one Book and Bear box to try them out, or to gift away.

February 9 is National Pizza Day!

Hello, hello!
Had you heard about this before? Does anyone really need an excuse to enjoy some pizza? I do!
I loved the idea of celebrating anything. As a family, it gives us a reason to do something together, and enjoy some quality time. Robbie, my son, loves pizza! He’d always asks for salami, but he really doesn’t mind.
My husband, Robert, could have pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time! He loves baking it, too, which is something I really like. Homemade pizza takes effort, and you get to enjoy it with your loved ones.

Robbie smiles big when he’s about to have some pizza. #NationalPizzaDay

Le husband has been trying to perfect his Detroit style pizza, and Robbie and I really can’t complain about this process.

Celebrate National Pizza Day, or find any other excuses to celebrate with your loved ones. Go to National Today to find a holiday for today, or any day!

What’s your favorite topping?

Guacamole, anyone?

Do you know someone who doesn’t like guacamole? Me neither! I think that when someone thinks of Mexico, one of the first thing that comes to their minds it’s a delicious and creamy guacamole next to some tortilla chips, or totopos, how we call them in the North of Mexico.
Here’s a video where you can see how I make my guacamole. I hope you like it, make it, and let me know your thoughts.

How to Make Authentic Guacamole. Con Limón, Please

Go to your fridge, go the store, get what you need, and start making this treat. Here’s what you’ll need.

3 avocados
2 medium sized tomatoes
1/4 small red onion
2 jalapeños (or more!)
2 garlic cloves
1/4c cilantro
2 limes (please!)
Salt and pepper to taste

Mash the avocado. Dice the tomatoes, and chop the onion and jalapeño peppers. Press the garlic cloves, and finely chop the cilantro. Make sure everything is in the same bowl, and squeeze those limes! Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy with tortilla chips!
¡Buen provecho!