How to make a punch piñata

Piñatas are so much fun! In Mexico all the little ones get excited about breaking a piñata and of course getting goodies that come out flying to the ground! It’s all fun and joy until there’s a little one who didn’t get anything, right? I have this DIY so that you make a piñata with a more fair fun!

I was looking for ideas for my son’s birthday celebration at school. I got so excited to know piñatas were allowed in his school! I was browsing on Pinterest for ideas when I saw a post about how to make a punch piñata by Gray House Harbor, and it hit me! I’d seen them already, but I couldn’t remember much about them.

I decided to make my own in order to ease Robbie’s teacher’s mind as she wouldn’t have to deal with children crying or being sad because they didn’t get anything from the piñata. With this piñata, each kid would get the same amount and type of goodies. Here is the list of things you’ll need and the instructions for you to make your own!

This is what you’ll need:

– a long rectangular cardboard box (I used two LaCroix boxes)

– poster paper

– sharp cutter

– tissue paper

– paper cups

– duct tape & masking tape

– small goodies for the cups

I went to my local Dollar Tree and got most of the materials, and even the goodies! Their sharp cutter is actually really good! So if you don’t have one, you know where to go.

First, if you don’t have a long enough box, put together cardboard boxes and paste them using duct tape. Draw as many circles as you’ll have guests. I used a lid of a mason jar to draw 19 circles. Cut out the circles using a sharp cutter. Don’t forget to add some cardboard on the bottom to avoid scratching surfaces.

Wrap the cardboard box using wrapping paper or poster paper. Then, score the paper in each of the circles like a pizza. The paper will work as flaps when we insert the cups.

I used paper cups with small goodies in them. I covered each of them with tissue paper and I used some masking tape to keep the paper in place. I used 3 layers of tissue paper, as it tends to be a bit translucent.

Here you can see how I stuffed items in cups, and covered each cup with tissue paper. The masking tape worked great to keep the cover in place!

The goodies I included in each of the cups were a small activity book, an eraser, a Lego like person, and some Pop Rocks candy. I found most of these items at the Dollar Tree store. The little activity books were a Facebook marketplace find we got for free!

Back of the piñata

TIP: you can reinforce the cardboard boxes using duct tape.

The kids had a lot of fun! Each of them got the same amount of goodies, and it was overall such a fun time for them! A win!

Robbie getting ready to punch his piñata

I hope you like this idea!

Michelle | con limón, please





Fiesta Mexicana | Bolsitas de fiesta inspiradas en piñatas

El tercer cumpleaños de Robbie fue este mes, y decidimos intentar con un tema de ¡Fiesta Mexicana este año! Tenía unos sombreros pequeños muy lindos, un globo enorme de un cactus, y uno de un taco; una linda guirnalda mexicana, y flores de colores de papel. Cuando llegó la hora de hacer las bolsitas para los invitados, pensé sobre las clásicas piñatas mexicanas, ¡y decidí intentar hacer estas bolsitas!

Vas a necesitar:
♡ Bolsas de papel (Yo usé bolsas de 5.25×2.75×8.5″)
Papel crepé (si necesitas cortar las tiras de papel, asegúrate de que sean de 5cm)
♡ Pegamento en barra
♡ Tijeras

Compré bolsas de papel y el papel crepé de diferentes colores en la tienda Dollar Tree.

El papel crepé que compré ya venía en tiras de 2 pulgadas. Para cortar el fleco, tomé una tira, la doblé, y después corté 3/4 hacia arriba para que fuera un fleco a lo ancho.

Luego pegué las tiras encimándolas un poco, una por una, en las bolsas. En realidad no seguí un patrón de colores. Sólo me aseguré de poner dos de cada color antes de cambiar de color, para hacer que el color resaltara mas.

Corté los sobrantes de papel de los lados después de haber terminado, para que así las bolsas se vieran más parejas en los extremos. A los niños no les va a importar si el papel no se ve perfecto en sus bolsitas de piñata. ¡A nadie, de hecho!

¡El día de la fiesta!

Me encantó pasar tiempo haciendo estas bolsitas para la fiesta de cumpleaños de mi hijo. ¡Además de que recibí muchos cumplidos!

¡Espero que las hagas! ¡Dime lo que piensas!

 Michelle | con limón, please.